A new revolution in the era of industrial bearings

A new revolution in the era of industrial bearings Bearing industrial is the food of machinery. In World War II,German the bearing town was bombed by American aircraft, which lead to paralysis  of aircraft production lines and industrial machinery.And finally affected the lifeline of the whole of Germany.Although the parts are small but the responsibility is significant.The government Large-scale enhance high-end manufacturing capabilities and support industrial mechanization plants.As long as the machine wants to rotate, it must use high-quality bearings. The small parts decide everything.  

At present, domestic bearings are mainly divided into three categories: imported bearings (high-end and mid-end customers), domestic bearings (middle-end and low-end customers), Linqing bearings (cheap-copy and small-brand bearings), monopolize the entire market. The imported bearings is recognized as high-quality and durable,but people easy to buy fake goods and production waiting time is long.And the price is also several times than the domestic bearings.In this case,the customers have to choose.In recent years,the domestic bearings technical make breakthroughs.However, in the selection of materials and heat treatment, polishing is still worse than the foreigners.But it is popular among the mid-range and low-end customers who are not very demanding.The price is much cheaper. Linqing bearings are crowned with the production of fake bearings and small brands.Everyone should chooses genuine bearings, saying no to fakes, so as not to bring unnecessary economic losses.

China has reformed and opened up now.In addition to Sweden, Japan, and Germany, the big three exporters, including the United States, Italy, Europe, and other import and export countries have brought their industrial machinery products to China.which is undoubtedly give a new positioning and shuffling to the bearing industry.The future trend is not that your price is high, the quality is good, you can do whatever you want. The competitive trend will make the service, price, quality, after-sales perfect and truly meet the market demand.